The night I dreamt about David Bowie

Last night, I dreamt about David Bowie and we had a very interesting conversation. As this dream was in English, so is this post. Sorry for les fâchés avec la langue de Shakespeare.

I met him whilst walking along a street sided by tall trees. David was sitting on a bench with his bike aside.
- Hi ! How can you be so classy when biking ?, I said
He laughed, passing his hand in his hair. He was wearing a simple beige jacket, a white shirt and a thin black tie that was a bit untied. Very casual, at ease.
- JC
- David
We shook hands. We walked together and we chatted. As my memory is fading, I cannot remember exactly what we talked about, something about his fame, how he handles it and all the characters that he created.

I just remember a very important sentence. As we arrived to the house he rented (we were in a small village of the South of France like Ramatuelle or something like that), he was taking care of his young daughter (was she 4? or 5?) riding a wooden bike. We were talking about moving on, moving forward, having a new goal.
- For you, it's different : you're a star !, I said
- I don't consider myself as a star
He looked at me, like waiting for my reaction. I was amazed by what he was saying.
- I mean, not right now, he continued. I am still reinventing myself, and I don't know what will be the next David.

My memory fades and that is all I can remember.
Thank you David.