PowerPlant ISO-12 PRO, by Harley Benton

Happiness is as easy as a power supply with 12 filtered and isolated outputs.

Replacing the power supply is a game changer ! No more hum or noise, no hiss and all effects are less sensitive to powerlines or radiowaves "pollution".

In my home studio, this is true happiness ! I stopped spending too much time on struggling againsts noises and hums. I can focus on the music, not the technic. During the mixdown, there is no more need to clean a track using a print filter.

For time being, I have nerve tested it in live situation. However, during rehearsals, my sound is clean and neat like a baby.

Conclusion: for less than 100€, you have a reliable power supply, with isolated and filtered outputs (a miracle in this price range) and it changes everyting. 

And this little wonder can power up to 27W in output !!

Link to Thomann