MERIS Enzo, the editor

ENZO Editor, by StudioCode

You know that I am a big fan of the Meris Enzo pedal, allowing be to mix both worlds of guitar and synthsizers. I have created a MIDI box to control this pedal. But the smart guys of Studio Code have created an online editor that I heavily use and I thank them for this tool !

Here is the link to use it :

To enjoy it, you will need:

  • A Meris Enzo pedal (well... yes.)
  • A MIDI box, either a DIY one or the MERIS version
  • A TRS cable to connect your MIDI box to the Enzo
  • A USB-MIDI interface like this one
  • A computer with an internet access
Using your preferred Internet browser, go to the editor's URL (see above) and pay attention to the special authorizations that are required to access your MIDI device.

In the editor's windows, configure the MIDI input and output to ensure that the editor communicates with the pedal.


The editor gives you a visual interface of ALL the settings of the pedal. Furthermore, it offers preset control, but also a library to save on your computer your other presets. Indeed, you only have 16 slots on the pedal. The ENZO Editor gives you an infinity !

You can bulk export all presest created in the editor's library and save it locally on your computer. You can maybe imagine to synchronize it on your Google Drive, for instance.

HINT: press and hold the ALT button on the pedal sends the current settings to the editor ! 

Last but not least : the "Randomize" button assures you to get some wacky sounds out of this world.