The soft hotel

In a soft hotel
With bending walls
My mood is about to swing

The lights are low
Bare feet on the floor
Of the waving corridor

Strange soft hotel
Where no one ever dies
But souls disappear

Smudged carpeted floors
Flickering neon lights
TV screens puking fake ideals

Everyone is screaming
Is screaming for help or for love
No one ever knows

I am still walking in the waving corridor
Where souls get lost
And hearts got beaten

Mellow mornings
After sex cigarettes
Forgotten climaxes in dodgy rooms

We are at the end of an era
The soft hotel open all night
Selling nightmares and dark hopes
To anyone booking a room

Unsteady vacancy sign
Pale faces coming in
The gateway is one-way only
Liquid, soft and scary

Clients come and go
And the soft gigantic clock
High so high in the lobby
Is ticking our time left

In a soft hotel
With bending walls
My soul is crying
For I am the butler

Photo by Mathis Jrdl on Unsplash