DIY 3-channel guitar preamp, part 3


After the "doubt stage" that I mentioned in my previous post regarding this project, now is the simplification stage.

I was thrilled to find new schematics and new ways to get my 3-channel no-tube yet-analog guitar preamp. But honestly, I was overwhelmed too. I mean, wasn't all this a bit ambitious ? Considering all that must be done, will all of this be finished one day ?

Then one word came to my mind : a roadmap. As in any project, mostly in IT, there will be an MVP (minimum viable product), then a V1, and why not a V2, etc. So the key word is the evolutivity: build this preamp in a way that makes future versions (quite) easily reachable.

Main or core features of my preamp

  • Treble booster with variable frequency based on Jack Orman's Mini Booster: ✅Done and verified
  • +9V,+5V power distribution for any upcoming circuit: ✅Done and verified
  • IN and OUT management to plug or unplug any circuit easily (solderless) : 🚧ongoing
  • MIDI control to select one of the 4 available channels (4 is the max capacity of the CD4052) : ⭐to be done
  • 7-segment LED display to show which channel is selected :⭐ to be done
  • Buffered mono output :⭐to be done 

Minimum viable preamp (MVP)

For the very least, I need:

Next feature

Features set aside

  • Stereo output. I will implemented it later if needed. I will certainly purchase a magnificent Eventide H90 which will handle the pseudo-stereo image of my sound. Therefore, no need to have a stereo output for now.
  • Channel merge. It is a nice-to-have feature. For now, it is an overhead as I need a signal splitter right after the treble booster, and a signal merger or mixer after the 3 or 4 circuits, then a Arduino controlled switcher to turn off the circuits outputs individually.
  • The Orange Squeezer as a first stage of my signal chain will be assembled and integrated later. I may remove the treble booster in the preamp if I implement my enhanced Orange Squeezer compressor
To be continued...