Urban nights

In smoky haze of urban nights,
Where dreams collide with neon lights,
I roam the streets with restless stride,
A shining soul, untamed inside.

Beneath the moon's electric glow,
Where voices whisper, ebb and flow,
I seek the rhythm, wild and raw,
To break convention's iron law.

I am the rebel, free and wild,
A seeker in a world beguiled,
My heart as compass, truth my guide,
I navigate this unquiet tide.

From coffee houses to jazz-filled bars,
I mingle with the lost, the dreamers, the stars,
In words and verse, I find my voice,
To speak of passion, pain, and choice.

I wander through the city's veins,
Through alleyways and hidden lanes,
With each footstep, I leave my mark,
In words that linger, in hearts that spark.

I challenge boundaries, society's chains,
In every syllable that runs through my veins,
My pen bleeds truth, in ink and rhyme,
A manifesto for a fleeting time.

For I am the poet, a sunbeam
The voice of those who feel, who dream,
I'll dance with shadows, embrace the night,
And with each word, ignite the fight.

Photo by Israel Sundseth on Unsplash