New generation

In smoky places where notes rise
Young poets ponder 'neath neon skies
Words like fire, burning bright
In the heart of the endless night

We all are on the open road
Screaming out a frantic ode
Our cut-up dreams unbound
The new generation's sacred ground

Dried places of solitude
Kerouac's prose, both raw and crude
Hip-hop rhythms, frantic flow
The new generation's inner show

Rebels, seekers, lost in thought
In the crucible where dreams are wrought
Their voices echo, free and wild
In the new generation, spirit undefiled

On streets of our cities, free and wild
They question norms and take their stride
In search of meaning, they explore
The new generation, forevermore< /p>

Machines humming, souls laid bare
They dare to dream, to rage, to care
In a world often felt cold and numb
The new generation's the restless drum

So, let's remember their poetic grace
Their free-spirited, untamed embrace
For in their words, we still find hope
The new generation, a boundless scope

Photo de Panos Sakalakis sur Unsplash