The new shaman

In deep shadows, where spirits roam,
I wander through this earthly dome
A poet's heart, aflame with fire,
I dance upon the edge, desire!

With my weapons-words, I defy,
The chains that bind, the norms that lie
An enigma wrapped in mystery,
I am the poet of history

Through powerful  dreams I sail,
On a ship of thoughts, I set my trail.
My poet's soul, untamed and wild,
With each verse, I reconcile

In the dark corners of my mind,
The restless spirits seek to find,
The essence of this mortal coil,
In verse and rhythm, I toil

I am the new shaman, they say,
A prophet lost, a soul astray
But in these lines, my truth does lie,
In the nights where poets cry

I embrace the chaos & the unknown,
The seeds of rebellion I have sown
Through poetry's lens, I see it all,
The rise and fall, the grand enthrall

So let the words flow like rivers deep,
As I navigate this realm in sleep
For in the realms of soul and rhyme,
I am immortal, beyond the confines of time