[DIY] FCB1010 switches replacement

 My Behringer FCB1010 (that I have heavily modified, I'll list all the mods in an article) is now 10 years old or so. It may be older, because it was a second hand purchase. All the tiny switches hidden underneath each black pedal became erratic. Some provided double contacts (like a double click on a mouse), some no contact at all. In live conditions, this was not very cool.

I purchased on eBay a bag of 100 littles switches for something like 2 USD. This was the only batch available, so I took it. Dimensions : 6x6x4.5mm Panel PCB Momentary switches. This is very important to perfectly fit the PCB.

I unmounted the upper and lower PCB dedicated to the 12 black pedals, I unsoldered the 12 older switches and got rid of them, then I soldered the brand new ones, with respect to their polarity. I took the opportunity to replace a small red LED (as seen on the picture) which was broken.

And tadaaaa ! The FCB1010 came back to life ! Each of the black pedal is now sensitive and fully reliable. And I have enough spare parts to replace them in 10 years !